Another Lazy Week


This week has been another average one. Nothing special. I surfed a couple times, watched Netflix, and prepared for exams. I also ate at a few nice restaurants. Anyways, nothing too interesting.

I has the chance to surf multiple times in the last week or so. I went to Hammonds and surfed for a couple hours there. It was pretty small but every once in a while some decent sets would come in. My friend and I were the only ones there which was a huge bonus. I caught about eight waves and decided to call it quits as it was getting dark. That day was very foggy but the water wasn’t too cold. A few days later I headed down to Rincon. It was a gloomy day and the sun was creeping in from behind the clouds. The waves were fairly small, but I managed to make do out of it. After all, it was still fun, even though the water was chilly in my 3/2 wetsuit. I surfed for a little over an hour and decided to end the session. I instantly took a hot jacuzzi right afterward and then went to dinner. I hope I’ll be able to surf more during the summer, even though the waves will be pretty consistently small.


A couple days ago some friends and I decided to get some lunch. We went to the Honor Bar on Coast Village and had a pleasant time. The sun had just popped out from behind the clouds and the day turned sunny. I ordered the French dip and was not disappointed. It was the best French dip I had ever had, and I can’t wait until I try it again. My friends ordered the chicken sandwich, which also looked temptingly delicious, and so I hope to try that soon as well. Overall, the service was great, food was great, atmosphere was great, and so you can bet I’ll be going back soon.

And that sums up the week, nothing special. Just waiting for summer, and then things should heat up, both in terms of fun and the actual weather.




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