Monday Spearfishing

3ba87c46-ca19-4293-8028-2efa535f0e81As I’ve mentioned in some previous blogs, I love spearfishing and diving in general. The best diving I ever did was when I scubad  in the Red Sea a few years back. I’ve also had fun diving in the Virgin Islands and in Costa Rica, and even here in Southern California. During summer, when the water was extremely clear, I would snorkel and spearfish at Rincon a lot, as well as other local places like Carpinteria Reef. Sometimes I would just gear up and swim out, but it was the easiest and most fun when I went out on my friends dinghy. Anyways, onto this weeks blog.


On monday, after school got out, I drove over to check the waves at the Coral. It was no surprise that it was flat, but the water visibility also seemed extremely clear for this time of year. I went back home to work on some homework and my friend called me up asking if I wanted to try to spearfish with him. I said of course, as I hadn’t gone in a while and it looked like a good day to do it. I got my wetsuit, pole spear, flipper, goggles, snorkel, a towel, water, and some snacks together and he quickly picked me up. We decided to try to dive at our secret spot, but getting there wasn’t easy. We parked, but had to walk a while carrying all our equipment and cross a dirty creek. As we finally arrived we quickly geared up and swam out. To our concern the visibility had gotten worse, and we could hardly see anything. After swimming around for about 30 minutes, and getting into a close encounter with a large ray, we called it a day. We hadn’t got anything, and the visibility wasn’t in our favor, but it was still fun getting wet on such a hot day. We decided to try again a different time, hoping for better results. To make up for the poor attempt, I got Thai food, which I am a huge fan of (but my stomach isn’t).


I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on how my next spearfishing adventure goes, hopefully I’ll have more luck.





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