Chunky Fish at the Islands


As I’ve mentioned in so many of my blog posts, I enjoy fishing. Local, far away, salt, fresh, beach, deep-sea, I love it all. My preference is fishing from a boat in saltwater, but over spring break I did both.

I headed down to the beach with my friend to try to snag some. I brought a couple poles and some bait, and we walked down to our secret spot. We casted out and waited while relaxing in the warm sun. We did this for a while and, seeing that there was no action, we put on our trunks and went for a swim while we stuck our poles in the sand. Another friend of ours met us and we kept the beach day going. Towards the evening, as darkness approached, the happening started. I was getting major bites, and the fish kept eating my bait without getting hooked. Eventually I snagged one, and fought it for a good 10 seconds as he was a pretty small guy. He was a Perch about half a pound, and I caught a few more about the same size, throwing them all back, until I decided the fun was over and we all headed back home.IMG_3635

My more fun fishing experience was when some friends and I decided to head out to the Islands to do some better fishing. I woke up early, took my deep-sea Penn setup, and headed to the harbor. My friends and I then boarded the boat and the trip began. It was about 2 1/2 hours to get to our destination, but well worth it. The fishing was great and I was pulling up doubles on rock fish. I reached my limit by the end of the day, as I got so many, including a good sized Lincod. The fish were fighting hard too, and by the end of the day I was drained. I ate a burger and we returned. On the way home my fish were being filleted and I was packing things up. It was a good day.


I’ll most definitely keep you guys posted on my next fishing trip, and until then, farewell!




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