Fishing For Pleasure


As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, I have a great love for fishing. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember, and in many places around the world. Some of my favorite fishing is in Los Cabos, Alaska, Israel, and of course, here in the Pacific. Occasionally I fish freshwater, but most of the time my destinations are in the ocean.


Over the summer, when I had more time, I would fish very frequently. Since the water visibility was so consistently good I would also dive and spearfish, mostly in Rincon. One day, towards the end of summer break 2015, my father and I boarded his friends boat to try and tackle some fish on the coast. We made our way down in front of the pit and dropped our lures. It was pretty slow, and all we were getting were lousy Mackerel. We decided to hit a spot a bit further down the coast, and as soon as we started moving again we spotted a massive shark right behind us. It was at least 14 feet, and we identified it as a Great White. It was my first real encounter with a Great White, and I was absolutely frightened, but then I remembered I had safe haven on the 30 foot sailboat we were on. Anyhow, seeing as we hadn’t had much luck fishing wise we decided to head back to the harbor. I had a lure that worked well for me at the Virgin Islands, so I decided to try it out while trolling on the way back, not expecting much. Soon enough I had hooked a good sized Bonita, and it was putting up a good fight. I reeled it in and then rest of the guys decided to start trolling as well. By the time we had reached the harbor we had hooked 2 big Calicos and a few little Barracudas. It was a very enjoyable day, especially towards the end, seeing as not only have I had a close encounter with a Great White, I also had a lot of success trolling.


I think fishing is a great sport, and I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on my next trip!


Mr. Ruckus



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