Rincon Day


One of my favorite beaches around is Rincon. Not only does it have the 18th best wave in the world, but it is one of the most fun beaches all around. I have some friends that live there and we do many fun and exciting things together. We surf a lot, but we also fish, dive, spearfish, kayak, SUP, raft, tow, wake-surf, boat, lobster dive, and do other fun ocean activities.9b70354d-7f54-459a-b7b3-9ed6c8f829d2

Last friday my friends and I decided to head up to Rincon after school. It’s only about 20 minutes from SBHS, and when we got there there was some swell. We paddled out and surfed for about two hours, then we paddled in, ate, and paddled back out for another hour. The waves were fun and the water quality had improved from the condition it was in earlier with all of the rain. After our second paddle out, we decided to take a sunset bike ride. We grabbed some cruisers and biked along the beach to the Carpinteria Bluffs, were we examined the beautiful sunset. We returned to swim at my friends pool and relax in his jacuzzi. To end our day we decided to have dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, Siam Elephant. We drove over to it in Carp and entered the restaurant. I ordered red curry and we all ate our meals hastily, as we were hungry from the long day. And this is essentially what an average day at Rincon for me looks like.

Over the summer I would spend much of my time at Rincon. The water was extremely clear, unlike how it is now, and we would do plenty of diving and spearfishing. I even speared a 24 inch Cabezon which we made a meal out of along with the other fish we got that day. That same month my brother caught a lobster which we also cooked up and ate. One of my friends owns a little dinghy there which is a whole lot of fun. Over summer we used to use it to wake surf, tow, and mess around on. Anyhow, like I said, Rincon is one of my most favorite beaches and I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on my next fun day there.



-Mr. Ruckus




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