Friday Off-Roading


Last Friday, after school, some of my friends and I decided to go off-roading. It was a sunny day and the skies were clear. Earlier, we had been surfing graveyards, which was around head high. We grabbed some snacks and started our drive. One of my friends was driving his tundra and the other his lifted Yukon XL. It’s about a 45 minute drive, however it was plentiful in views. We reached Red Rock and I realized there was no water flowing, which was a very sad reminder of the drought we’re in. Even though we made it there,there was still a long drive to get to our location, which was all the way at the end. After another 20 minutes of driving, we made it, but were very disappointed to arrive at a locked gate. We remained there for some time thinking of what to do, and decided to look for another place. The sun was quickly setting, and we didn’t have much daylight left, so we hurried back out of Red Rock.view 3

We had decided to go try West Camino Cielo, and the drive there took another 30 minutes or so. It was a steep, winding road around the side of a mountain with big trees on the sides. After around 20 minutes, we arrived at a ranch we thought we could go into, only to find out that it was a sort of cult. We got back in our vehicles and kept driving deeper into Camino Cielo. Eventually, we arrived at a dirt road at the end and decided to try it out. It was very dry, as there hadn’t been rain for a while, and full of holes. Our vehicles had no problem on the trail, as they are all meant for such heavy duty needs. We drove for a while on the rugged trail, taking a handful of stops to examine the beautiful view, and eventually reached Refugio, were we merged onto a paved road and then to the main road. Then we drove home and decided to head up again after rainfall, so we could go mudding. view 2

It was an enjoyable Friday and I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on my next off-roading adventure.



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