The Virgin Islands 2015


I am a travel addict, I travel whenever possible. I love reaching new places and meeting new people. Tropical areas are typically my favorite to explore, so obviously when I went to the Virgin Islands it was an absolute blast.


During the summer of 2015 I received word that I would be going to the U.S and British Virgin Islands with some family friends. I was fairly excited as I had seen pictures and heard a little about the place, but it was nothing compared to the feeling I got when stepping off the plane.


I was scheduled to meet my family friends at the St. Thomas airport, and therefore I had to make the trip there by myself. It was my first independent flight, so I was very nervous yet anxious. My father brought me to LAX and stayed with me until we arrived at security, as he could not proceed any farther with no flight ticket. We said our goodbyes and I was off on my own. Everything went very smoothly and exceptionally fast as well. Before I knew I was on the plane headed to Miami, where I had one stop. Again, I landed in Miami, everything went well, and I was on my way to St. Thomas Island.


I landed very excited and was greeted by my friends. We drove to our hotel room and from there on the trip unfolded. We went snorkeling every single day and were amazed at the wonders we saw lying beneath the water. There were so many fish and the coral was rich and colorful. We even got the chance to swim with sea turtles. We took multiple boat tours with two of the finest captains who showed us both the U.S and British islands. The food throughout the trip was also amazing, and our hotel was astounding. Back at the hotel we would stay at the pool for hours, sometimes for the whole day. We would also sail, kayak, windsurf, and enjoy the warm, clear ocean.

This trip was easily one of my most enjoyable vacations, and I know I will be going back someday.


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