The Beginning of My Fishing Years


I have decided to base my first blog post on something extremely important to me, fishing.


Me on the Stardust some months ago.

I have, and always will have, a great passion for fishing. Not only is catching fish a fun process, but eating your own fresh catch greatly adds to the overall experience. I never keep fish I wont eat, it’s either catch and release or catch and eat. The fish I do keep are, of course, of the legal standards and in season. I started fishing at the young age of four, and have been doing it ever since. I was taught by my father and grandfather, who takes divers and holds events on his own 55ft boat. I first started fishing on his boat, and every now and then he would take me out deep sea fishing. Of course, since I was so young, I needed frequent assistance, but that’s how I learned and got better with age.

When I was about 7, my father took me on a fishing trip to Mexico, one of the most fun ones I’ve ever been on. We stayed in a gorgeous all inclusive resort off  the coast of Los Cabos. In the morning, we took a private charter and set out to sea. It was some of the most insane fishing of my life, including the fact that I was so young. As soon as you released your string you would hook a fish, and a big one too. We were pulling 20-35 pound tunas by the bunch, and were having an absolute blast. My dad ended up catching the biggest fish, a 50 pound Mahi Mahi, making the rest of us extremely jealous.

Since then we have been on a number of other fishing trips and try to head out as often as possible. In seventh grade I even worked on the Stardust for a bit and learned a ton about local fishing. I’d like to believe I will be fishing for the rest of my life, although in the past two years I haven’t been doing it as much because of mostly time issues.

Feel free to comment about some of your fishing adventures, as you will definitely hear about mine, and until then farewell.



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