Another Lazy Week

This week has been another average one. Nothing special. I surfed a couple times, watched Netflix, and prepared for exams. I also ate at a few nice restaurants. Anyways, nothing too interesting. I has the chance to surf multiple times in the last week or so. I went to Hammonds and surfed for a couple hours […]

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Monday Spearfishing

As I’ve mentioned in some previous blogs, I love spearfishing and diving in general. The best diving I ever did was when I scubad  in the Red Sea a few years back. I’ve also had fun diving in the Virgin Islands and in Costa Rica, and even here in Southern California. During summer, when the […]

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Late Start/Surfing Coral

Wednesday happened to be a pretty enjoyable day, considering it was a school day. My friend and I decided to get some breakfast before school starts, and after thinking of places we decided on Jack’s bagels, as it’s close to school and good. My friend picked me up at around 8:00am and we drove over. […]

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Chunky Fish at the Islands

As I’ve mentioned in so many of my blog posts, I enjoy fishing. Local, far away, salt, fresh, beach, deep-sea, I love it all. My preference is fishing from a boat in saltwater, but over spring break I did both. I headed down to the beach with my friend to try to snag some. I […]

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Fishing For Pleasure

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, I have a great love for fishing. I have been fishing for as long as I can remember, and in many places around the world. Some of my favorite fishing is in Los Cabos, Alaska, Israel, and of course, here in the Pacific. Occasionally I fish freshwater, but […]

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Rincon Day

One of my favorite beaches around is Rincon. Not only does it have the 18th best wave in the world, but it is one of the most fun beaches all around. I have some friends that live there and we do many fun and exciting things together. We surf a lot, but we also fish, […]

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Friday Off-Roading

Last Friday, after school, some of my friends and I decided to go off-roading. It was a sunny day and the skies were clear. Earlier, we had been surfing graveyards, which was around head high. We grabbed some snacks and started our drive. One of my friends was driving his tundra and the other his […]

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